Thursday, November 19, 2015

Equipment Files: The Loathsome Shears

Though The Grim Scythe is the Primary Reaping Tool of all Bureau Recommended Equipment Loadouts, there are several options for the Secondary Reaping Tool. The Loathsome shears are among the most popular choices, for beginners and experts alike. To a novice, their primary utility is in rectifying the incompetence of those who wield the scythe poorly. If one fails to strictly adhere to the protocols laid out in Equipment Files: The Grim Scythe, an Incomplete Tear is likely to result. Finishing a job like this with the scythe is not advised; The Loathsome shears are specifically engineered for such situations, when life hangs only by a thread. To a veteran, their primary utility is in their versatility. Though they are specifically engineered for rectifying errors, that is far from their only use. In general, they are more effective at cutting through physical matter than The Grim Scythe, and can be more easily wielded with one hand (This is usually not recommended). Though they are an unconventional weapon, this can, in some cases, be advantageous, as enemies rarely know how to counter it. In practice, using The Loathsome Shears is no different from using any other pair of scissors. It is hoped that none reading this need be introduced to the idea of scissors, but instructions are included here for the sake of completeness.

At the bottom of the Shears, you will find two ring-like handles. Grip these, so that your hands are inside the rings. For the purposes of functionality, the shears may be assumed to be entirely symmetrical across the line segment where the blades meet when the shears are closed. Thus, the handedness of the user need not be taken into consideration. Once both handles are firmly within your grasp, move your hands apart to open The Shears. Position the shears such that whatever you wish to cut is between the blades. Swiftly bring your hands together, as if clapping. One might even say that you are applauding the now deceased mortal on their performance on the stage of life, or some such foolishness. This will bring the blades together, and, if done correctly, sever the spirit of the mortal. If another Incomplete Tear results, open the blades again and attempt the same procedure, preferably aiming for a different spot than the previous time. Do not attempt to complete the tear by wrenching the shears about. This will only cause further damage.

It is common practice for Reapers to be equipped with replicas of the Hephaestus-forged artifacts used by the Gods, created by the Cyclopes, Journeymen of the Forge God. Regrettably, this leads to some confusion, as the replicas are often referred to by the same name as the originals. This issue has been circumvented with The Loathsome Shears, which have been given a name such that confusing them with Atropos’s Abhorrent Shears is quite unlikely. Unlike other such artifacts, the Abhorrent Shears are not of Hephaestean make. The nature of their origin is classified, but it suffices to say that they are beyond even the Forge God’s capability. Though the Loathsome shears are incredibly sharp, Atropos’ own are of an entirely different caliber. To even quantify their sharpness requires greater precision than the production of any replica. To assert that the Abhorrent Shears are the most lethal artifact in the universe is no mere boast. It is as true as any of the axioms which govern the mechanics of Heaven and Earth.

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